The S10 Image Transfer Press was designed to deliver:

  - High throughput
  - A low cost scalable solution
  - Deliver high quality at low cost
  - Provide fast return on investment

The key feature with the S10 series is that it offers a high level of flexibility. Ease of operation.

We make the difference happen through extensive experience.


Get in touch for more information on the S10.2 Series machines for Mass Production.



IDT equipment best energy consumption in the market. Save Energy, Save Waste, Save Money.


IDT developed & manufactured. Yields over 98% Ink Transfer. Resolution from screen to printed part. 1:1.


IDT Film wraps a wide variety of 3D materials. The only film that can wrap high resolution and keep full ink density.







IDT Systems design and manufacture all equipment.

We are able to accommodate our customers needs by building custom machines to suit their production decoration needs.

We understand that specific customer may want to decorate a whole range of different products so we can work on custom solutions to fit your business model. 

Being the designers and manufacturers of our equipment we can easily work with our customers to adapt our technology to fit many applications. 

Just Ask.

Your Equipment Order is unique to you and your needs. We manufacture all of our equipment. We are not resellers.



1.    Understand Your Needs  

2.   Build A Quotation 

3.   Machine & Equipment Is Built To Order 

4.   Lead Time, 4-6 Weeks

If you utilize any of our other services such as Product Design, we build this into the order program and give you the deliverables with lead times.

Performance guidelines supported by 8 years of experience in industry delivering personalization/mass customization solution to major brands. 

We have shipped over 500 systems to over 45 countries. Our system delivers a rapid ROI and a very high quality product with high yields. 


Quality is an essential part of the companies deliverable. Each element is produced in an ISO 9000/ISO 14000 environment. The final product meets consumer electronics industry requirements and specifications. 

IDT Systems delivers quality solutions and provide customer support through its partners and subsidiaries around the world.