The unrivaled S10.2 System offers businesses the opportunity to improve production throughput. It boasts an advanced airflow structure and a state-of-the-art fixed flexible tray layout design.

The S10.2 design is an evolution of the D10 technology with added versatility and sustainability. Accommodating endless possibilities for multidimensional dye sublimation printing technology, it was important to design a versatile unit that was suitable to house bespoke vacuum frames for a multitude of products being decorated. The adaptable design of the S10.2 vacuum trays allows one to change the insert in the tray to swap between different configurations. The design of the S10.2 allows for more efficient use of the generated energy. The system has moved from a door to a drawer to keep energy inside the unit. The energy is now easily dispersed specifically onto the transfer area. The larger exposure area allows for 50% more case production in less time. Plus, the S10.2 is easily adaptable to customize items like skateboards, clocks and other products.

The S10.2 adds value and diversity to those companies looking to offer a broad range of decorated products. The versatility makes it suitable for polycarbonate, resin, wood, glass and metal offerings.

IDT Systems values the importance of streamlined production and increased volume, therefore, cycle times have been reduced from 16 minutes to 9 minutes.

As an added savings, if a company is currently operating a D10.2 system, the S10.2 uses the same vacuum tray configuration. Therefore, the S10.2 can be used with D10 Series - Vacuum Frames, Sleeves, Printer, Heat Mat Table, Photoshop, RIP and Templates.

IDT Systems is passionate about providing customers around the globe with sustainable innovative tools for the mass production of personalized and customized products. The new S10.2 manages heat more efficiently, improves the yield and reduces the carbon footprint. And most importantly, it reduces production costs.