IDT Systems is an innovator in the world of dye sublimation. The personalization and customization of premium products is our passion. When IDT Systems was approached by the innovators at Google, we were excited by the ideas and challenges surrounding Project Ara. Project Ara is a development effort with a goal to create a modular smartphone that is built to the requirements of each user. The ARA will be a story each individual can tell.

On January 14, the Project Ara Modular Developers Conference was available for the world to witness. Peter Woodd, CEO of IDT Systems, was one of the presenters. He explained how IDT Systems will provide support to all module developers through the shell design and production process. He spoke of the story Ara owners will be able to tell through their phones from the customized shell to the components of each module. It is the innovative spirit, years of experience, premium offerings and millions of products shipped that make IDT Systems the ideal partner in the project.

There has been a lot of buzz about Project Ara as a whole. Its success depends on many partners and developers. IDT Systems is ready for the challenge. We are an innovative partner delivering high quality solutions.

Want to learn more? Don’t miss the Project Ara Developers Conference on Januray 21, 2015 from Singapore.