Headquartered in the UK, IDT Systems is a leading systems provider focused on delivering complete 3D and 2D surface decoration solutions for most materials across all industries.

IDT Systems enables its customers to add its innovative decoration process into mainstream industrial mass production as a stand alone system for personalisation or customization offline.

IDT Systems has the resource to configure the systems not just to support its customers initial needs but the depth to allow for growth through a production cell approach, adding systems as required.

IDT is vertically integrated, making the customer experience efficient and fast. From Designing your product to manufacturing, there is a comfort that the supply chain resonates our philosophy.

IDT has operational bases in US, Europe and SE Asia, and in addition, has distribution partners in some 45 countries and growing.


IDT Systems is a young company, originally set up in Frankfurt Germany in 2006 by a seasoned group of 3D and 2D experienced professionals.

The focus of the business is to decorate and authenticate consumer electronic products and make an immediately discernible and stand out difference in product iD in store, in the media, and in the hands of the ultimate consumer.

IDT has developed the entirety of system interface technology, the equipment, operating systems, software and the consumables.

IDT launched it first system in late 2008, since then it has deployed some 400 systems in SE Asia, USA and Europe across all major industries.

IDT continues to grow rapidly as a result of strong relationships and excellent communications with its customers, suppliers and distribution partners throughout the world.

IDT continually invests in system development, develop its technical and commercial expertise and explores new market opportunities for application opportunities in order to achieve global reach in customer service and support.